Dream house

November 03 2011
This gave me a hell of an inspiration boost! 
It was designed by Javier Senosiain. It takes my breath away every time I look at it and his other designs. I wish our suburbs had these homes - instead of building boxes, we could mould the earth into natural, organic individuality. I hope you like the journey of the house called 'Nautilus'.


Best stage ever

November 01 2011
No words needed

So rad

November 01 2011
This badboy got style

Music tape art

October 31 2011
Erika Iris Simmons likes to take things- random things- like music tapes and make them into composite art. Check out her website for more magnificent pieces! She also does crazy stuff with music sheets.

Screwed up art

October 31 2011
Drilling 8000 screws into a wooden-plate covered with phone book pages.  
So much for being a screwed up artist. But it’s looks absolutely stunning.

The Californian artist Andrew Myers just wanted to do something different, something that nobody ever did before. He uses screws (in different depths and colors) to create his portraits. And he doesn’t use a computer to help him. That makes it even more special. As background for his work he uses the phone book pages from the area of his subjects. 


Old deck sculptures

October 28 2011
Japanese wood sculptor Haroshi makes conceptual art from old, 
crashed and broken skateboard decks. Love it!

Yamaha XJ650 Rat/Bobber (old school)

October 26 2011
Check out this ego booster!

Real life Pikachu

October 26 2011
Just another proof how crazy Japanese are


October 01 2011
This is so cool for a t-shirt design!

Please take me there

September 27 2011
Just amazing

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